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2021 - 2024 Ford Bronco Sport CREE LED TAIL BRAKE LIGHT

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2021 - 2024 Ford Bronco Sport CREE LED TAIL BRAKE LIGHT
2021 - 2024 Ford Bronco Sport CREE LED TAIL BRAKE LIGHT
2021 - 2024 Ford Bronco Sport CREE LED TAIL BRAKE LIGHT

MK3 upgrade option now available! Run brighter, look better & be safer!

Our Premium Bronco Sport LED CREE rear taillight kits are custom designed for your 2021-2023 Ford Bronco Sport. Our MK3's feature over 120 LEDs including TRI-CREE XB-D rear facing projection LEDs! These tail light bulbs will transform your rear tail lights into beacons making you and your passengers safer and improving the aesthetics of your 2021-2023 Ford Bronco Sport! Installation is a breeze at only about 10 minutes per side! NOTE: Only applicable to trucks without factory LED tail lights. 

  • MK2 vs MK3

Radial running light brightness

MK3 is 40% brighter on standard running power than MK2

MK3 is 20% brighter on full power that MK2

End cap running light projection brightness

MK3 has 250% increase on running brightness over MK2

MK3 has 45% increase in brightness on full power over MK2

Power Handling (efficiency)

MK3 is approximately 50% improved over MK2 model

MK3 draws 53% less power than factory bulb

Heat Output at Full Power (running & brake light)

MK3 base after 3 minutes runs 63% cooler than OEM

MK3 bulb temperature after 3 minutes runs 39.99% cooler than OEM

  • What's Included

2x (or 4)  CREE LED Combo Tail Lights

2x (or 4) F150LEDs resistor custom harness kits

  • More Details

Super bright CREE LED elements

Laser engraved bulbs signify authenticity

over 120 LEDs per bulb(MK3), placed in a multi-directional configuration

Kit includes F150LEDs resistors to prevent hyper flash or fast blinking

Custom heat sink resistors (mount to metal or air hung away from wire/plastic)

Also includes easy quick splice connectors

Upgrade your 2021-2023 Ford Bronco Sport rear tail lights today and improve your Bronco Sport experience! In minutes you will have brighter tail lights, stronger brake lights, and more intense turn signal lights. We highly recommend this for every Bronco Sport!

California Residents - Warning: California's Proposition 65

  • Warranty

Each and every product we offer includes our Full 1-year warranty!

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