F150LEDs Dealership & Installer Partner Program

Enjoy exclusive product access, special bulk pricing & dedicated support!

How does it work?

We make joining and participating in our partnership program as easy as possible. Simply fill out the application form below and, once accepted, we will specify your account as a Dealer & Installer Program. This enables special product pricing that you can access whenever you need, without waiting for special quotes , invoices, permissions etc.

How are special rates determined?

Once you are logged in to your Dealership & Installer F150LEDs account, you'll have access to a special discount rate. The special rates you receive are based on order volume (in USD dollars). 

SPECIAL Rate Plans

Each account is assigned a rate plan based on their order volume. Order volume is calculated on a yearly basis (Cycle date start is your DIP acceptance date). You are eligible for immediate upgrade as soon as your order volume reaches a  new level. 


10% OFF

Rewarded immediately after applying and joining the program.


15% OFF

Spend more than $1000 in volume.


20% OFF

Spend more than $5000 in volume.

What are other benefits of being a member? 

Beyond special pricing, members who reach gold and above will receive a shop banner and will be allowed to display  the F150LEDs logo in your shop and display area. You can also request gear for your employees such as shirts, hats etc. You can even opt for early access to new products & gear. As always you will also receive dedicated support from your F150LEDs team.

Partner your dealership or service group with the F150LEDs team today! 

To apply email Bobby at bobby@F150LEDs.com with the following information.

Full name, business name, business type, email associated with your F150LEDs account, business address, business phone number, business website, & 1 - 3 sentences telling us about your business.