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F150 LEDs

2010-14 F150 RAPTOR CREE LED Head Light Kit


Our Premium F150 Raptor LED CREE Headlight kits are a perfect match for your F-150 Raptor. Our LED's are built to the highest standards with F150 owners in mind. Hey that's us! We own F150's too! Our trucks are equipped with the best and that's what we are offering you here. Our ultra bright CREE LED beams come with everything you need as well as our F150LEDs guarantee! These F150 Raptor LED CREE head lights will light up your night! They are extremely bright with a crystal white light we recommend every F150 driver own these!

  • 2 of our high powered CREE LED head lights (both high and low beam)

    2 electronic heat dissipating fan units

    2 F150LEDs ballast systems

    zip ties

    F150LEDs Window Dec

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