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Sentinel Series Tailgate Bar Split Signal Adapter

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Sentinel Series Tailgate Bar Split Signal Adapter

Product Overview

Expected to be ready in July! Pre-order now to have your adapter reserved!

Equipping your truck with the ultimate Sentinel LED Tailgate Bar but have a trim level package that uses different bulbs in your tail light assembly for braking and turn signals? 

No problem!

This adapter allows owners of truck trim levels that operate using separate brake/turn signal bulbs, like limited or platinum trim levels, to fully utilize all of the Sentinels features.

Instead of installing your tailgate bar directly to your truck's harness, you will instead connect the tailgate bar to this adapter, then the adapter will connect directly to your truck's harness using the included wire guide/video. 

Stand Out & Shine brighter with your full function Sentinel Series LED Tailgate bar using the Sentinel Series Tailgate Bar Split Signal Adapter! 

More Details

For trucks that have separate rear turn signal and brake bulbs. (Most Ford trucks utilize the same bulb for braking/turning but some trims such as platinum, limited, etc have them split.) If your bulbs are split, then you will need this adapter to take advantage of all of your Sentinel LED tailgate bar functions. 

Install Guide(s) & Video(s)

Sentinel Series Tailgate Bar Split Signal Adapter Instructions 


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