35" XXL Heavy Duty Shop Mat

The perfect surface for your next LED install is ready. Made from heavy duty rubber with an anti-slip base along with a soft cloth top, this extra large 35"+ mat is ideal for the rigors of shop life while still being soft on your hands & easy on your parts. This shop mat is easily portable from surface to surface, and only needs approx 3"x12" of space for storage. The Mat is edged by beautiful heavy duty anti-fray overlock stitching.

This mat can also be used as a small lean guard while working on your truck to prevent any accidental scratches from belt clips, buttons etc.

It can even be used as a base for your computer, as the soft top and large non-slip area are a perfect combo for your work environment! In fact, the entire team at F150LEDs uses them at their desks too!

Make your next install a better experience, protect your truck and improve your work space with a custom Heavy Duty Shop Mat from F150LEDs.com!



exact dementions- 

35.43" by 11.8" by .125" thick