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Replacement Parts 2017 - 2020 Raptor

Stand Out. Shine Brighter.

Why Choose F150LEDs?

F150LEDs is the only dedicated source for your Ford F150 & Super Duty, built by Ford F150 & Super Duty owners. Everyone at F150LEDs drives an F150 or Super Duty. We offer factory halogen bulb replacements to better, brighter LED bulbs. Improving the safety and looks for your F150 or Super Duty.

We offer the best and brightest LEDs on the market built specifically for Ford F150 or Super Duty. Everything from headlights, taillights, light bars, interior, and after-market upgrades as well. With a full 1-year warranty on all products! Stand out and shine brighter today!

The Best & Brightest LED Headlights

Your vision at night is critical to your safety as well as to the safety of those around you. Don’t suffer through the dim & dingy factory halogen headlights. With our custom-built MKV CREE LED headlights, your Ford F150 or Super Duty will be lighting up the night like never before and will look good doing it!

The MK5 system provides you with the absolute brightest LED headlights available with a focused (and adjustable) pure white beam pattern, a fully enclosed operating system to protect against moisture, etc, advanced heat dissipation technology, aircraft-grade aluminum construction, advanced intelligent temperature modulation, and CANBUS compliant drivers.

See Further. Go Further With Paladin & Spartan Series LED Light Bars

Our Paladin series LED bars utilize 5W CREE XTE LEDs, HPO (Hyper Paladin Optics), a combination of both flood and spot beams, IP68 weatherproofing, slimline curved design, blackout hardware, custom mounting brackets, and matching IP68 heavy-duty harness kits.

Our Spartan series lights give you a unique advantage by displaying light in a 180-degree field of view thanks to its dual tri-chip side-emitting design. Six CREE XTE 5W chips are forward-facing, while 6 additional (three on each side) CREE XTE 5W chips disperse light on both sides of the Spartan Cube. This gives you maximum light both forward and to the sides of your Ford F150 or Super Duty.

Improved Safety

Upgrading the dim & dingy halogen turns signals that come factory on your F150 or Super Duty is critical. When you make a move on the road it’s important that others can see clearly which way you’re heading. Replacing your factory halogens with better, brighter LED bulbs will improve your safety and you’ll look good doing it.

Have you ever struggled to see what’s behind your F150 or Super Duty when backing up in the pitch black of night? Upgrading those dull halogens with MUCH brighter CREE LED reverse bulbs will turn the pitch black into near daytime. Still, need more light? Be sure and check out our Spartan Series reverse light bars.