What Some Recent Customers Are Saying About F150LEDS.COM!

I’ve always owned an F150 and have purchased tons of aftermarket parts for them. And your company has been the most pleasant to deal with. Thank you again!
— Bob H. 8/17/17
Thanks for the great customer service!
— Luke L. 8/17/17
Great, thank you so much! I try to spend the word about you guys all the time and I will even more now!
— Mitchell W. 8/16/17
I can’t thank you guys enough for the support you have given. It has been easy and painless to work threw the process. Thank you so much.
— Randy B. 8/16/17
This is the reason why I recommend you guys to my friends. Your service is awesome. Thank you!!!
— Jose I. 8/15/17
Great service! – Thank you!
— Mike D. 8/15/17
Thank you for your Great support!
— Donovan H. 8/14/17
Awesome!!! Thank you for the prompt replies to this issue, and look for to doing future business with F150LED & recommending your copy to other F150 owners i know!
— Bob H. 8/11/17
You guys are the best. Thank you again!
— Joey G. 8/9/17
I will say these lights are simply amazing. Very bright and beautiful pure white light. I really like them. The tail lights are amazing as well!
— Chad B. 8/8/17
On a personal note: the addition of the Cree Reverse Bar light system to my 2013 F150 has been one of the most important updates I’ve ever done to a vehicle - as well as a very easy installation. Thank you very much!
— Joe L. 8/7/17
Perfect! Excellent custom support!!
— Donovan H. 8/7/17
Thanks again, you guys are the best!
— Spencer S. 8/4/17
My last 4 bulbs ( map lights/rear cab light/3rd brake light) arrived today and I installed them immediately, they look amazing! The truck really stands out at night now. I’ve received tons of positive feedback from the guys at work and I recommend you to all of my F150 buddies. Great products, thank you!
— Scott M. 8/4/17
Sounds great. Thank you. I plan on ordering more products from you site as well. Thank you for the excellent customer service.
— Matt F. 8/3/17
I cannot tell you how much I love the LED bar I purchased from y’all!
— Michael M. 8/3/17
Thank you very much God bless you. Great customer service!
— Ramon R. 8/2/17
I received the new fog lights with the resistor. Plug them in and worked perfect! Thank you again for your prompt service, and standing behind your products!
— Steve C. 8/2/17
I love the cargo lights and tag lights. They’re really are brighter and give my truck a more upscale look you get with the higher trim levels. Thank you.
— Rick S. 8/1/17
Awesome! F150LEDS always takes care of me.
— Steven C. 7/31/17
Wow, thank you very much! I knew I chose the right place to get LEDS!
— Josiah W. 7/28/17
Thank you for your great support.
— Israel C. 7/28/17
Thanks again for your great customer service!
— Steve C. 7/27/17
Gotta tell you the headlights are AWESOME. I put them in right after I bought the truck about a year ago. Flawless!
— Stephen A. 7/26/17
You guys are the best! I will spread the word as to how awesome your company is, especially for standing behind your products!
— Philip H. 7/26/17
That’s great, thanks for the excellent customer support.
— Trey K. 7/25/17
That’s great! You guys are the best. I will continue to recommend you to others and will be placing an order in the near future.
— Robert B. 7/25/17
The backup lights are the best I’ve ever had on a pickup and I’ve had 8 trucks!!!
— Paul H. 7/25/17
Thank you very much for your great customer service.
— Tim V. 7/24/17
Everything works perfect! The truck looks great, we are very happy with the upgrades. I will be ordering the interior bulbs from you shortly!
— Scott M. 7/24/17
Thanks. I received them today and installed them. They look great. Appreciate your help!
— Joe K. 7/24/17
That’s awesome thanks. I’ll keep telling my friends to buy f150 leds.
— Jason B. 7/21/17
Thank you! Because of your great customer service I will be placing some more orders with you shortly. You have lived up to the reviews I have read about your company’s customer service. Thank you very much!
— James T. 7/21/17
I can already say you guys have amazing customer service!
— Phillip S. 7/19/17
Awesome! Thanks for the quick response! This why I keep telling people to go to y’all when they ask.
— Hal W. 7/19/17
I am overall very happy with the products that I have purchased from y’all, and I will continue to share my positive experiences with the other ford owners I come into contact with.
— Jason O. 7/17/17
I really appreciate the quick response and superb customer service. It’s great to see a company so focused on their end-users and standing by their product!
— Nicholas H. 7/14/17
So, again thank you for great products and your rapid response back to me.
— Jim H. 7/13/17
I am really looking forward to installing the led’s on my F150. Very interested in some of the other products available from F150LEDS.com.
— John. R 7/12/17
Perfect!!! That is great customer service, thanks!
— Robert U. 7/12/17
Thank you again… Great customer service!
— Jerry C. 7/11/17
Wow, you guys have the best customer service, hand down!
— Travis H. 7/11/17
Thank you very much for your fast response.
— Tim V. 7/10/17
Thank you so much your customer service is awesome!
— Josh W. 7/10/17
Additionally, accept my SINCERE appreciation for the customer service you have shown me. I have made a post to my Facebook page explaining what a phenomenal company you guys are with exemplary customer service. I can only hope that it drums up some business for you all as it’s the least I can do to show you all my appreciation. Thanks again and have a phenomenal weekend!!!
— Chris W. 7/7/17
Looks awesome thanks gentle man over at f150 LEDS
— Cesar G. 7/7/17
Awesome thank you for the great customer service!!
— Derek B. 7/7/17
Ok, thanks. You guys are too good.
— Travis H. 7/6/17
thank you for all you guys do for the f150 community! Brighter is better :)
— Rodney R. 7/6/17
Thank you so much for your prompt replies and amazing service! I am loving my headlights, turn signals, park and reverse lights and I can’t wait till I get my tail lights and all the interior lights I orders. You guys are definitely a company I will recommend and use in the future. Keep up the amazing work. Again thank you for such amazing customer service. I could not be more proud to have chosen you guys over a cheaper product on another website (eBay, Amazon). Quality and customer service is definitely worth the extra money!
— Michael M. 7/5/17
You guys are Fantastic! Thank you very much!
— Eric R. 7/5/17
I’ve been spreading the word about your site since I started outfitting my truck with your product. Now to spread the word about the awesome customer service. Thanks again.
— David M. 7/4/17
You guys rock man! I couldn’t ask for better customer service. From initial contact until now. Complete follow through. You don’t get any better than that. Much more than I expected!
— David M. 7/3/17
Thank you. Your help is appreciated. I really like the lights and get many compliments about them!
— Timothy D. 7/3/17
Thank you very much I really appreciate your time and your willingness to help!
— Travis S. 7/3/17
Thank you for all your help!
— Ricky R. 6/30/17
Sounds great thank you and thank you for the great customer service!
— Ryan S. 6/29/17
Thanks so much amazing service.
— Jacob A. 6/29/17
Oh wow, now that’s what I call service! You guys rock. Thanks again!
— Travis H. 6/28/17
I received my cargo light/third brake light and tag lights from you guys yesterday and the install was flawless and they look fantastic! Thanks!
— Adam E. 6/27/17
Thank you so much! You guys are great!
— Thomas D. 6/26/17
Thanks for the support guys!
— Patrick G. 6/26/17
Your company is very nice to deal with and I will be back for more lights. I would like to say THANK you so much AGAIN. Your company is so awesome!
— Scott N. 6/23/17
Thank you very much, you are AWESOME!
— Ernie H. 6/22/17
Awesome, thanks! You guys are great. Quick response is fantastic!
— Walker, J. 6/21/17
Thank you for your quick response! That means a lot to me and I still have things I want to purchase. I will definitely buy from you in the future.
— Jody W. 6/20/17
I will continue doing business with you in the near future. Good products, and a good customer service goes along way with me. Thanks again!!!
— Channing P. 6/20/17
Excellent customer service and much appreciated!
— Kris B. 6/19/17
You guys are the best! Your product and customer service is unbelievable that’s why I wound buy lights from anywhere else!
— Dev T. 6/19/17
Thanks for the quick support and response y’all are great!
— Carl K. 6/16/17
Y’all are awesome!
— Jeff F. 6/16/17
Your products and services are definitely worth the wait.Thank you!!
— Craig B. 6/14/17
My F150 has the coolest lights in town ! Thank you so much for all your help and putting up with me. Again thanks F150leds. Awesome!
— Greg P. 6/14/17
Thank you , your customer service is much appreciated.
— James M. 6/13/17
Thank you guys! My favorite shop!
— Henry M. 6/13/17
Thank you for the help and I love your guys products. I have used other LED vendors in the past and the quality of your product is far superior to any I have used. Thank you!
— Tom D. 6/12/17
You all are awesome. Thanks!
— C.C. 6/12/17
The customer service has been phenomenal!
— Luke W. 6/8/17
Thank you so much for your support!
— Sara B. 6/7/17
Thanks for your help and a great product!
— Luke L. 6/6/17
Just got thru installing the mark III LEDS headlights and mark II fogs and even in the day they look bright can’t wait to see them in the night👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 THANKS FOR THE HELP!!!!!
— Armado S. 6/6/17
Purchased so Mark III headlights for my truck and out them in yesterday and love them!
— Luke L. 6/5/17
You guys are GREAT, Thank you so much for your help and support.
— Lonnie W. 6/2/17
Thank you! You guys have great customer service. Have a great day!
— Zak J. 6/2/17
Awesome once again I’m impressed I look forward to be a long time customer for you guys!
— Chris F. 6/1/17
I really do appreciate the excellent customer service.
— Hal W. 5/31/17
FYI we are Gaudin Ford out here in Las Vegas. We’ve done some research and it seems like you guys have the best product on the market. Looking forward to it!
— Tanner T. 5/30/17
Thank you again for your prompt service and a great product!
— Robert S. 5/29/17
Thank you very much. You are one of the most processional companies I had the pleasure of doing business with!
— George B. 5/29/17
I appreciate the customer service and prompt responses!
— Jared K. 5/25/17
You are great folks to work with. I left a 5 start review on Amazon, but I couldn’t figure out yelp. Thanks for all your help!
— Meyer M. 5/25/17
The customer service was amazing!!!! That makes me extremely comfortable with my purchase and I will be promoting y’all lights out here in Lake Charles b/c that goes a long way with me! . Good Service, Good Product, Great Experience!!!!
— Erroll W. 5/24/17
You guys are awesome. I’ve been very happy with the product!
— Dustin S. 5/24/17
Thank you very much I appreciate it. Great customer service.
— Scott B. 5/23/17
You guys are awesome. Best customer service I’ve ever had.
— David S. 5/23/17
BTW, the LEDs are great...especially at night on these mountain roads!
— Ramona B. 5/22/17
You guys have excellent customer service!
— Chad A. 5/22/17
All the truck lights to this point have been stellar, no doubt way better appearance with your products in place! Awesome customer service will keep all my f150 lighting with you guys!
— Zach S. 5/19/17
Thank you for the great customer service!
— Tony C. 5/19/17
Great customer service. Thank you!
— Steven C. 5/18/17
I have had nothing but a great experience with F150leds!
— Jonathan M. 5/18/17
Wow….I got the new lights, and they look fantastic!
— Joe N. 5/17/17
I love your products, and want to purchase more!
— Corey C. 5/17/17
You all are the greatest company I’ve ever worked with for anything!
— Matt K. 5/16/17
Thank y’all so much. Excellent customer service as always. One of the reasons I keep coming back!
— Ryan M. 5/16/17
I am very impressed with how bright these LEDs are. The other F150 owners on the road are always turning there heads as I drive by!
— Adam P. 5/12/17
Awesome, you guys are amazing!!!
— German R. 5/11/17
Thank you! It was an easy install. New lights are awesome and could not believe the super fast shipping!
— Danny T. 5/10/17
Thanks again for the great customer service!
— Dustin S. 5/5/17
You definitely stand behind your products and this level of customer service is top notch. Thanks again. Love the lights!
— Ryan S. 5/5/17
Your service and response is amazing, as well as the products themselves! Thank you again!
— Joe K. 5/4/17
Thanks very much guys! I really appreciate all the support and great customer service!!
— Joey O. 5/4/17
Great company to work with!
— Jeff T. 5/2/17
Thank you, really like your products and have recommended them to others!
— Krik H. 5/1/17
You guys are awesome!
— Thomas P. 5/1/17
Just installed my Door Sill kit on my 2013 F-150. All I can say is WOW. Another home run. Have purchased and installed several items form you and every one of them is awesome. Your instruction videos are well done and the product speaks for itself. My truck gets a lot of looks! Thanks for your great products
— Mike M. 4/28/17
Thank you for the excellent customer service!
— Sean L. 4/26/17
I will definitely refer y’all to my buddies who are looking for products like yours!
— Curtis N. 4/25/17
I finally got to try these headlights out on the country roads of Franklin County, VA in the early morning hours. They were fantastic. Even though I like my truck I was going to get rid of it because of the poor headlights. Not now! Thank you!
— Jeff W. 4/24/17
Thank you for your help! Not only do I like the lights but your support means a lot! Put me on your mailing list and we will be telling all my friends! Thank you.
— Sgt Robert M. 4/24/17
Your awesome, such great customer service!
— Gary T. 4/21/17
Thank you very much, you all are awesome!!!!
— Craig B. 4/18/17
Got it working. Y’all are great! Thanks so much!
— William R. 4/18/17
Thank you guys for everything couldn’t be happier with your products and your customer service!
— Steve H. 4/17/17
Thanks for the great support.
— Chad B. 4/17/17
I’ve bought several other products from y’all and they have all been great and the customer service was great! Y’all are awesome!
— Ben P. 4/12/17
Wow that is amazing. Thank you very much. I will be sure to tell my friends of this and to use you all for product needs!
— Jason A. 4/12/17
I really like all your products and you guys are are great at customer service! Thanks!
— Jonathan B. 4/11/17
Thank you very much for your help and great service, will definately be ordering more from you guys shortly in the future!
— Phillip S. 4/11/17
Wow thanks guys. Yall really have the best customer service!
— Dustin G. 4/7/17
Thanks again, appreciate the great customer service!
— Nick A. 4/6/17
Thank you for the taking care of me. I will send you alot of business! Good people, good product!
— Chris S. 4/5/17
— Gary C. 4/3/17
Thanks for all you do. I wish all companies had just an ounce of the customer service y’all provide!
— Jeremy A. 4/3/17
Thank you for the great customer service. F150LEDs is definitely my first choice for lights!
— David C. 3/31/17
Thanks for all your help. I’ll be a return customer and will refer others!
— Gaylon R. 3/30/17
Thank you. Excellent customer service once again!
— Warren H. 3/29/17
Ok thanks a bunch!!! Can’t wait! Y’all are awesome!!!
— Layvette M. 3/29/17
Awesome, thank you! You guys are the best!
— Andrew H. 3/28/17
Hey guys just wanted to update you and let you know I received my fog lights today and I am very grateful for how fast they got to me. You guys rock. Thanks again!
— Dylan H. 3/27/17
Installed the step lights a week ago , wow they look awesome, the install was a breeze and love your products, Thanks!
— George M. 3/27/17
I’ve used you in the past for the interior rear 3-bulb LEDs AFTER I had bought the interior map lights elsewhere (sorry). I’m sorry I did because my rear ones are still bright and going strong but the two maps I bought elsewhere just died after no more than 18 months. This was unacceptable to me, as I don’t live in my truck and the map lights are not constantly on. So I came to you guys for my new map lights and I’m definitely glad I did!
— David C. 3/24/17
Y’all rock!! Thanks!
— Corey C. 3/24/17
Thank you again your customer support is always amazing!
— Christopher L. 3/23/17
Thank you again so much. You guys really helped me out. And of course, most of my friends and family deal or are going to be dealing with you guys. Only the best lighting for F150s!
— Dylan H. 3/22/17
The new lights are awesome, I really like the products ya’ll have and customer service has been top notch. I will be purchasing more items in the near future.
— Neal N. 3/22/17
Installed the lights today! Less than an hour total for all 4 different fixtures. The LED bar was so easy!!!! Got home from work and had to go check out the difference, all I can say is WOW!!!! Now I’m thinking seriously about upgrading my headlights! Great product! Telling all my friends to get on here and get themselves a light bar at least!
— Ray O. 3/22/17
Thank you so much for all your support, what an excellent company you have, you definitely care for your customers. I absolutely love your products, and I tell everyone about the great products and great service. Thank you!
— George D. 3/21/17
Thank you. You guys are AWESOME and have a customer for LIFE!!
— Gary C. 3/21/17
Just installed the door sill kit, that was a breeze and they look awesome. Can’t wait to see what they look like at night. Thanks for a great product!
— George M. 3/20/17
Thanks for all your help and your amazing products!
— Randy H. 3/20/17
Thanks soooo much! This is excellent customer service! Your products are the best on the market! Look forward to hearing from you in the future!
— George S. 3/17/17
Awesome, thanks for your quick response. F150leds.com Rocks 💯%. Very happy with my previous purchases!
— Alex S. 3/16/17
Thanks for all your help I thoroughly enjoy my headlights and I want to commend you on your customer service, your doing a great job!
— Brent D. 3/15/17
Excellent, thank you for the incredible service!!!
— Jason D. 3/14/17
You guys have served me well. I have purchased nearly every LED upgrade/conversion for my F150’s through you all. IF I have ever had an issue, you guys stepped up and took care of me. Thank You!
— Michael H. 3/13/17
Thank you so much for your great customer service!
— Kyle Z. 3/13/17
Thank you! I will definitely do business with you again.
— Robyn H. 3/10/17
I received my Mark III Head Light Series on Saturday 03/04/2017 & installed them on Wednesday 03/08/2017.
These leds put the OEM or stock halogens bulbs to shame bigly, took about 45 mins installation ez. Took them out for a test that evening with F150LEDs fog lamps Mark II. Amazing job Nick & F150LEDs crew! What a wicked difference!
— Terry M. 3/9/17
Wow, thank you! That would be fantastic! Thank you for all of your help and willingness to work with me!
— Rhett P. 3/9/17
Wow! Thanks! Best customer service I’ve gotten in a long time!
— Michael M. 3/8/17
Thank you for great customer service!
— Shane G. 3/8/17
I purchased all the F150Leds.com lights to replace all the lights on my entire new truck and am very happy with them!
— Scott C. 3/7/17
Got your package and love it thanks so much !! Probably putting in another order next week!
— John M. 3/3/17
I will be getting more stuff from you soon! And I will do my best to help promote your products on the blog sites. You guys are the best!
— Lon S. 3/3/17
Thank you! I appreciate your great customer service!
— Jordy R. 3/1/17
These lights are amazing!! I have had comments from other people and a few have asked me where I got them from and was proud to tell them that a local business right here in our back yard makes them.
— Dave W. 2/28/17
I received my fog LEDs on time installed them on 2/25/17 BIG difference from the stock, I plan to get the LEDs for the headlights in the very early future. Thanks F150LEDs!
— T. Moran 2/27/17
Thanks, I enjoy all your products and will gladly be buying more soon, great customer service!
— Ramon R. 2/27/17
I received my order full. Installed the Mark 1 front interior LED and the Mark 1 rear dome LED. Easy install and perfect fit. Thank you very much. I had so much trouble looking for the right LED brightness. This product was perfect for what I was looking for.
— Joe A. 2/21/17
The new headlights work amazing and the new Mark 3 is simple installation and very bright! Thanks again for the great service!
— Josh K. 2/20/17
Got the new MK II lights and they are absolutely awesome thanks for your help!! We will continue to upgrade the KING RANCH with all your led products in the very neat future!!! Your new life long customer!!!!!
— John M. 2/20/17
Thank You! You Guys ARE THE BEST !
— James R. 2/17/17
Very Happy with my lights extremely bright and surpassed all my expectations!
— Jose M. 2/17/17
Great service, going tell anyone one who will listen!
— Bryon M. 2/16/17
This is great news.Thank you. Great customer support!
— Nick C. 2/15/17
Thank you for your response. Great products too.
I am a repeat customer. Keep up the good work!
— Lon S. 2/14/17
I am very happy to have done business with you. Your customer service is at a level not often found in business any more. Thank you!
— Rob S. 2/14/17
Service was extremely fast and responsive. F150LEDs.com is an excellent company that always provides top notch service!
— Jason D.
Very happy with new lights. They look great and definitely seem better made and much brighter!
— Jeff L. 2/9/17
This really exceeds my expectations of customer service. Thank you so VERY much.
— Al B. 2/6/17
Thank you very much for all of your assistance! 😀 Y’all are amazing!
— Laura W. 2/6/17
I want to thank F150leds.com for shipping so quickly. The MK3 is like night and day compared to the yellow dingy halogens! I love your product; thank you!
— G.G 2/6/17
Y’all have been wonderful. I have many light upgrades I wanna do! Y’all definitely have my business. No more autozone lights!! Thank you!
— Wade B. 2/3/17
THANK YOU!! Obviously you do care about your customers and as such, I will look at F150leds for other lighting products I may need for my truck!
— Ken N. 2/2/17
Installed all my new lights today and man I couldn’t be any happier, what a difference! . I absolutely love the way they look! I am already planning to add the raptor grill lights and turn signal kit for the mirrors, thanks very much guys!
— Dennis W. 2/1/17
I just want to thank you guys for this great upgrade, I´m 200% happy with the complete headlight led kit, they´re simply amazing, I just don´t know why I stick with the halogens for so long, the increased visibility and luminosity is out of any comparison!
— German R. 1/30/17
They are AWESOME! Thank you for such a great product, I am so excited to have all my exterior lights on my F150 now installed with F150LEDs.
— George D. 1/30/17
Just want to thank you for the great customer support! I ordered the LED fog lights Mark 2 and they are great! I also ordered the Mark 3 headlights and they are amazing! The light is crystal clear and full! I’ve made recommendations about your website to several other F150 owners that I know. Thanks again!
— Douglas P. 1/30/17
Thank you very much! I look forward to continuing to brag and use your products!
— Robert M. 1/27/27
Thank you! You guys have been great and thank you for your fast service! Love the products and will be a proud customer for life!
— Ryan P. 1/26/17
f150leds.com has amazing products and work very well where I live, they also have amazing customer service. I told my bother in-law about the products and we have also installed them on his truck as well. I have recently been having problems with my tag lights, twice now and both times they have replace the bulbs and even recently upgraded to the new and brighter free of charge. I am very happy with the product and they take super good care of there customers. Highly recommended!!!!!
— Dean O. Jr 1/26/17
By the way, you guys have excellent customer service and I can’t wait to do more business with you! Cheers!
— Travis H. 1/25/17
The new style 22” light bar you replaced my other with has ha no moister issues Thanks for the great customer service!
— Joe C. 1/25/17
I appreciate you taking care of your customers! I look forward to saving up to get the whole truck switch over to LEDs. Thanks guys for being a great company!
— Aaron V. 1/25/17
Ok, thank you for your help! I love your products!
— Adam J. 1/24/17
Thanks very much! I tell everyone about your products. My wife bought me the headlights for Christmas and I love them!! I will definitely will be buying more!
— Paul P. 1/24/17
Thank you all very much! I greatly appreciate your excellent customer service it’s hard to find these days.
— Justin L. 1/23/17
There is not a lot of companies that stand behind their product like you guys. You guys are the best in my book. Thank you so much.
— Jamie N. 1/23/17
Thank you for your eagerness and assistance to solve my problem. Incredible customer service!
— Michel R. 1/20/17
That sounds great! I’ve had very good dealings with F150LEDs and I look forward to future purchases. Thank you!
— Craig H. 1/20/17
Thank you for your expedited response and support. I look foward to future business with y’all. Thanks again!
— Joel S. 1/18/17
Thank you! You guys do have the best costumer service!
— Christopher B. 1/18/17
The mirror turn signal kit is wicked! They work really good and I am very pleased with the outcome!!!
— Millar J. 1/17/17
You really have great customer service and product support and replacement. I’ll be sure to tell my friends. Thanks again!
— Mike M. 1/16/17
They look really great and I’m thankful for your excellent customer service!
— Richard P. 1/16/17
Great set-up and thanks so much for your support in shipping the replacement harness so quickly!
— Bob M. 1/16/17
I just received my bulbs in the mail and installed them, they look and work great! Thanks for all the help with the shipping and making the process of exchanging smooth. I already told all my friends with f150s about you guys and will continue to do so. Definitely will be back for more leds in the future!
— Liam M. 1/13/17
You guys always take care of me if there is an issue so I definitely do not mind giving you my business!!
— Kris M. 1/13/17
I want to take a moment to share my experience with F150 LEDS.com.
Excellent is the best way to describe it.
I am so glad that F150LEDS provided me with a replacement free of charge and even upgraded to the newest model.
The install was easy and the lights look great.
What else could a customer ask for :)
— Rahm M. 11/12/17
I just installed the MKIII headlights and MKII fog lights. Super impressed with them they’re awesome!
— Andy M. 1/12/17
Thank you for the help and I am grateful for great customer service. Y’all have been on top of y’alls game and it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed!
— Samuel M. 1/12/17
Thanks for the quick response and great customer service!
— Jordan M. 1/11/17
Thank y’all for y’alls fast response and the killer shipping y’all are truly my LED light guys forever! Thank y’all so much for everything and I will always highly recommended y’all to all my f150 buds!
— William C. 1/11/17
Hello I just got the ambient lights and installed them. I am very happy on how they turned out and absolutely love it! Thanks!
— John H. 1/10/17
Thank you so much for the fastest reply ever. I have told many of my friends about your product and they also loved it!
— Jamie N. 1/10/17
Fantastic product fantastic service, couldn’t be happier. Cheers F150leds
— John H. 1/9/17
Site looks great. Keep up the great work!!! Ps love love LOVE the new bar switches. Looks great!
— Joey G. 1/9/17
Thank you very much for your quick reply and combining the shipments! Much appreciated. I can’t wait to get these mods installed on my F-150!!!
— 1/9/17
Dear F150LEDs,
Thank you for your professional responses and timely help, these are things that seem to be lacking in today business world.
— Charlie B. 1/6/17
Greatly appreciate it and I highly recommend you guys when anyone ask about my headlights or light bar! Thanks
— Frederick L. 1/5/17
I recently purchased a light bar from you guys and I absolutely love it. I love the way it lights up the road while I’m hunting. Thanks!
— Trent R. 1/5/17
Your products are great!!! Slowly switching all my lights to F150LEDs.
— Joseph W. 1/5/17
Great work guys!! You have a life long customer!
— Austin C. 1/5/17
Truck looks amazing with the headlights, fogs and puddle lights!
— James H. 1/4/17
I can’t thank you enough for your business and your willingness to stand behind your product and your efforts to make customer satisfaction a number one priority. That’s awesome!!!
— Kevin H. 12/29/16
You guys have been amazing with support. Thanks a lot!
— Ryan F. 12/27/16
You guys are really fast and serious about quality and customer service!I will definitely buy again!Thank you so much for everything!
— Richard B. 12/24/16
I recently took a trip from Houston to Phoenix. The new F150LEDs Fog Lights made a HUGE difference. My visibility was so much better!!!
— Joe P. 12/21/16
Excellent company to do business with. Had a replacement issue and got the shipment back in no time. Highly recommend!
— Matt W. 12/21/16
Thanks for the quick response, I appreciate it. I installed everything else and it looks great! I will definitely purchase more items in the future.
— Pete B. 12/20/16
Thank you for the awesome customer service!
— Brad T. 12/20/16
Thank you for the quick response and standing behind your product, that’s very much appreciated.
— Mike C. 12/16/16
I love your products, the brightest bulbs out there! Thank you all so much!
— Jeffrey O. 12/14/16
You guys are awesome! Thanks so much, best company I have delt with! Keep up the great customer service!
— Lee V. 12/14/16
Thank you so much for the replacement. You guys rock!
— Brandson B. 12/12/16
I’ve received the lights you guys sent me the other day and they look so nice on my truck! Thanks for all your guys help for getting them to me, much appreciated!
— Steven F. 12/10/16
Thank you very much, great customer service !!
— Jeff M. 12/2/16
Customer service is two thumbs up, five stars, 10/10!
— Kameron B. 11/29/16
I am very happy with the product. Brightest lights I’ve found so far.
— Dan B. 11/28/16
I’ve ordered several times from you guys & I love all your products. I enjoy being a customer and Keep Rockin!
— James D. 11/28/16
That is a very generous offer and I appreciate it greatly. I’m in the brand business (strategist) and it makes me very happy when an organization offers more than is expected. That makes me a customer for life!
— Eric. H 11/28/16
I love all the other lights and I will be changing the rest of them to leds. I will definitely spread the word about f150leds.com!
— Jonathan S. 11/26/16
Very happy with everything!Will for sure recommend you to others and come back for further business!
— Thomas E. 11/26/16
Wow thanks f150leds.com that’s the best customer service I have ever heard of!
— Aaron A. 11/25/16
I would like to thank you for the awesome lights. I purchased, mark 3 h13 dual beam headlights, side marker lights, front turn/park lights, rear turn/break lights, license plate light, fog lights, third break light/cargo light and these lights awesome! I love them.
— Jeff F. 11/25/16
LED team thank you, these lights are insanely bright and compliment the truck beyond belief. Now I can have safety and appeal with these lights.
— Robert H. 11/22/16
I want to tell you that these headlights are awesome! I should have never doubted them.
— Jeff F. 11/21/16
Yall have been very helpful and friendly. You stand behind your warranty and products and i respect that.
— Dakota B. 11/18/16
Thanks again for great customer service and the quick response!
— Jason L. 11/17/16
Wow, you guys are far too awesome! Thank you so much!
— Jonathan L. 11/8/16
You guys are awesome, thank you for the fast response and excellent customer service. I really do appreciate you guys for taking care of me and I will definitely be a returning customer and recommend you guys to friends and family.
— John C. 11/7/16
Thank you so much!! I appreciate your professionalism and courtesy so much. It is refreshing to deal with a company that truly cares about their customers. I was referred to f150leds.com and will continue to purchase and refer others to y’all in the future.
— Steven H. 11/7/16
You guys are awesome! Best customer service ever!
— Barry W. 11/4/16
Thank you all....:) for being the company you are... great products, service, instructional video, and last but not least your unbelievable dedication to customers and customer service.
— Ed K. 11/1/16
I love the improvement in the overall look of the truck! These lights are awesome! I will recommend them to all of the F150 people I know. Thanks a lot for these products!!
— Ryan M. 10/31/16
Thanks very much for the quick respond on this, I greatly appreciate the customer service, and it will definitely persuade me to continue to do business with you.
— Andy D. 10/31/16
Thank you so much. You guys are awesome!
— Steve P. 10/31/16
Thank you so much for you amazing customer service. Your dedication to customer satisfaction is second to none
— Steve H. 10/31/16
Just got the lights installed....amazement is one word to describe my thoughts on the lights. Love, love, love them thank you again!
— Jeremy A. 10/25/16
Thank you. I really appreciate it. You guys are the best in customer service.
— Wayne P. 10/24/16
Your company is top notch. I’ll always recommend your products.
— Mark K. 10/24/16
Your customer service levels are above and beyond. I have never received such quality service!!! Thanks again!!

— Blake P. 10/20/16
Thank you, I am satisfied with the other products and will make future purchases and tell other f150 owners about the website!
— Gilbert O. 10/19/16
Thank you so much for your help i will deffinetly recommend you to some of my friends who have f150’s and will absolutely use you more in the future.
— Joshua G. 10/19/16
I purchased the CREE LED Head Light Kit Combo Mark III and have successfully installed the lights. They look fantastic and I have absolutely have no complaints
— Steve E. 10/17/16
Love all your products!
— Mark K. 10/16/16
Thank you for your excellent customer service as always
— Kyle M. 10/15/16
I really do appreciate that. It means a lot to me. Your customer service is far beyond phenomenal.
— Jeremy A. 10/14/16
Just got my light bar in yesterday and I love it. Thanks!
— Parker S. 10/10/16
Thanks so much for the cool lights! You guys have great LED’s! I love them and they look fantastic!
— Kevin N 10/10/16
Your company is amazing and the products are solid! Thanks!
— Sunil R. 10/8/16
Over the past year I have upgraded every bulb in my F-150 I must say I am very impressed at all the light output!
Really does make my truck stand out and shine better!!

Thanks Matt
— Matt S. 10/7/16
You guys are amazing, probably some of the best customer service I have ever seen and actually a joy to discuss issues.
— Eric D. 10/7/16
I loved the dome light and had to have the map lights! The dome light is the brightest led I’ve had inside of my truck! I’ll be ordering more from you guys!!!
— Justin P. 10/6/16
You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much for your great customer service. I am very happy with your product and will continue to shop with y’all. You guys go above and beyond to please your customer. Thank you.
— Scott S. 10/3/16
You guys are AWESOME THANKS!
— Kelly S. 9/30/16
A months back I ordered a few products from F150LEDs.com and installed them. They work great and I am very happy with the light out put. Thank you!
— Dan J. 9/28/16
I love the headlights they are very bright with good color to them.
— John V. 9/28/16
I love your products. Just put your Cree LED Mark II fog light bulbs in my truck and they look amazing.
— Anthony S. 9/28/16
All of the LEDs I’ve purchased from you are OUTSTANDNG!!!!! They put out an amazingly bright white light!!!!
— Tom P. 9/28/16
Thank you very much! The products you guys put our are fantastic and the videos are one of the main reasons that I keep coming back. So informative and to have an individual video with every product that y’all sell goes a long way with the customers. I greatly appreciate all of that
— Dan L. 9/27/16
Thank you for providing high quality products and service! I have replaced every exterior light that is on my truck with F150leds products. And last time I had an issue , you corrected it immediately. Amazing.
— John E. 9/26/2016
Once again thank you for your awesome customer service
— Eric O. 9/26/16
Great product and the color is spot on.
— Hank S. 9/22/16
. I think the only items I have left to order is the 22” light bar, engine compartment light and headlights. Your products are the ultimate. Thanks for what you offer.
— Steve R. 9/14/16
Great customer service, thank you! I tell everybody who asks where I got my LED’s from.
— Jeff P. 9/13/16
Hello, I am a customer of your website and thoroughly enjoyed the services you guys provide. Thanks for your time and service!
— Jared G. 9/6/16
You guys are incredible! Great customer support. You have my LED business.
— J. Scott R. 9/12/16
Wow you guys are so awesome I literally had the biggest smile on my face! hands down f150leds is the best, most helpful place I have ever dealt with I love you guys haha. I also want to say thank you for all the videos you guys do it helps me so much when I am installing your awesome products. Thank you guys again so so much.
— Hunter I. 8/31/16
Thank y’all so much for everything it means a lot...and I will highly recommend y’all to everyone and I will be buying more from y’all soon!
— William C. 8/30/16
I share you guys with every person I see driving an F150. Absolutely love your lights!
— Jason H. 8/30/16
I just wanted to thank you guys for how great your customer service has been to me. I really appreciate all the technical support and will definitely be buying more things for my f150 from you guys.
— Brandon F. 8/29/16
Awesome customer service like this is very uncommon and I am glad there are companies out there that still treat the customer with great kindness.
— Dean O. 8/29/16
I appreciate the great support, thanks again!
— Joe C. 8/27/16
I truly love your LED lights! I am very happy with your products and I will eventually convert what I can on my truck to LED.
— Dean O. 8/27/16
I am truly grateful to everyone at f150leds.com. Thank you for your quick attention to this matter and your generous solution. I look forward to continuing to do business with you in the future.
— Dustin G. 8/26/16
I got the interior lights, fog lights, rear cubes and interior lights installed! Love them!! Thanks!
— Braden S. 8/24/16
I’ve already recommended your products to several friends and family members and will continue to do so. Great company great and great customer service.
— Nick G. 8/23/16
I installed the LED bed kights in my 2013 F-150 and absolutely love the look and it was an easy install. Thanks!
— Larry T. 8/23/16
Great customer service!
— Mark S. 8/22/16
Thanks you very much, you guys are AWESOME!
— Ernest H. 8/21/16
I really just wanted to thank you for the spectacular customer service! This sealed the deal for me to buy all the necessary upgrades to improve the light output of my truck at night! I love to support a business that actually listens to and considers ideas from its customers!
— Julian O. 8/19/16
You guys make some awesome products and as the new owner of a 2015 F150 I’ll be using your lights for my upgrades!
— Ian K. 8/18/16
Thank you very much!
Your customer service is so excellent that I just purchased a light bar. Thank you!
— Kyle G. 8/18/16
Thank you very much for all your help in resolving this! I really love my interior lights and I am a satisfied customer! Thanks again guys!
— Sarady K. 8/16/16
Loving the new headlights and fog lights! Great product so far! Thank y’all for the great customer service and products.
— Cayden C. 8/16/16
We are so amazed how bright they are. Thanks again, glad to do business with you!
— Grady m. 8/16/16
I installed the ring kit, the kit looks awesome and gives off a very subdued glow that matches the interior perfectly.
— Joe C. 8/16/16
Great installation videos and thanks for all the awesome products!
Thanks again and keep up the good work!
— Logan K. 8/15/16
Thank you very much. You do a great job at customer service.
— Art M. 8/15/16
Your Front Turn LEDs are AWESOME!!! Now traffic can see my front turn signal and they react to it. Before it was sketchy at best.

Thank you for another awesome product.
— Chuck S. 8/12/16
I received the bulbs today and it’s perfect. Thank you so much.
— Walker D. 8/9/16
Thanks again! Five stars for customer service!!
— Dana B . 8/8/2016
Just Gotta say you guys make some killer lights!! Keep up the good work!
— Mike S. 8/2/16
I got my lights installed and they look amazing!
— Kyle M. 8/1/16
Thank you! Your response and service are stellar.
— Brian T. 7/31/16
Everyone that sees my lights are impressed! You will get some referrals from me! Thanks again.
— Grady M. 7/29/16
I got my lights and they work beautifully. Thanks!
— Carl J. 7/28/16
Thank you for your fast response and refund. I greatly appreciate it. I have purchased a lot from you guys so it’s nice to know you stand behind your product.
— Seth B. 7/26/16
Thank you so much for your service. The headlights are amazing.
— Joaquin B. 7/25/16
Installed as directed and worked great, really great looking headlights!
— Orlando G. 7/22/16
The bad *** mk3’s headlights are awesome!!! I’ll never go with out F150LEDs led lights again.
— Michael S. 7/20/16
Thank you so much for the excellent customer service!!
— Kyle M. 7/20/16
I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! I will keep on buying from you.
— Mario S. 7/19/16
WOW these lights are bright, I already got a compliment. You guys nailed it.
— Nick S. 7/18/16
Love the lights! They work awesome.
— Prescott K. 7/18/16
I received my new brake lights yesterday and they work great! Thanks!!
— Braxton G. 7/15/16
I bought the mklll headlights. Love them!
— Christian C. 7/13/16
Thanks again. Your customer service is second to none!
— Brandon H. 7/12/16
I just installed a set of the mk2 fog lights and wow!!! They are more bad *** than I expected!
— Michael S. 7/11/16
I like your products and videos, hope to be buying more soon. Thanks!
— Matt F. 7/7/16
The LEDs give my truck that upper level feel like it’s a luxury truck on the inside. Once again blown away by your products.
— Matt K 7/7/16
Thanks again for all of your help and assistance. I look forward to doing business with you in the future!
— Anthony B. 7/5/16
Wow you guys are awesome! Your company literally has the best products.
— Hunter I. 7/4/16
I love your lights, I have all stock bulbs replaced with your products!
— Dustin G. 6/28/16
Awesome job guys. Thanks for the prompt response. There just isn’t companies out there that do what f150leds do for thier customers. My business will definitely be coming back soon.
— John R. 6/28/16
I recommend you guys to all the ford owners I know
— Eric R. 6/28/16
Hey guys, just want to let you know that I’m very happy with the headlights I ordered from you guys. I also ordered the blinker signals and the front marker lights. Everything has been working great!
— Thomas M. 6/28/16
I am very pleased with the results of the installation of both of these products as well as all of the previous products that I received from f150leds. Thank you
— John D 6/27/16
I am praising your product; it surpassed my expectations!
— Jeremy A. 6/27/16
Thank you so much for your time and for a fantastic and professional product
— Austin P. 6/26/16
Thanks for all your help! Great customer service!!
— Austin C. 6/27/16
Thank you for all of your help! I greatly appreciate it!
— Tom G. 6/26/16
Impeccable service! Thank you and see you soon!
— Olivier B. 6/24/16
Everything looks great, I’m very satisfied with the products! I will be purchasing more items when I can. Thanks!
— Brian D. 6/24/16
Thanks for a great product!
— Kyle G. 6/23/16
Thanks for your support, you have been amazing. Best regards!
— Cliff B. 6/23/16
I love the products I have purchased and plan on getting the high and low beam CREE led’s very soon. You guys are GREAT! Thanks again!
— Jon G. 6/20/16
Thank you, I love the lights!
— Patrick W. 6/20/16
Love the brightness that my headlights have and don’t want any other lights but yours. THANKS!
— Vincent M. 6/19/20
Thank you so much for caring and your great customer service! It is is one reason I love buying your products & will continue to do so!
— hunter I. 6/18/20
You guys have a great business going and great customer service! Thank you again!!
— Larry D. 6/16/16
I cannot believe the difference in light output from stock. I knew the headlights would be good; I didn’t expect them to be this good! I jokingly tell my friends that I can now see to the curvature of the earth at night. Yours is truly an excellent, quality product and I am unbelievably happy that I purchased them. I’ve spent hundreds over the last few years in various bulbs to try and get the effect that yours have. I only wish I had known about F150LED’s.com back then.

As a result of the installation of these headlights and how well they work, I will be purchasing much more for the Raptor from you guys!

Fantastic product!

— Jason W. 6/16/16
I absolutely love the MKlll bulbs!! Super bright!
— Dallas W. 6/16/16
The lights are so awesome, thank you much for your support.
— Christian R, 6/16/16
Thank you again you guys are the best!
— Zack M. 6/16/16
Thank you very much and keep up the good work!
— John M. 6/15/16
Thanks for the awesome service, I definitely recommend your company!
— John M. 6/13/16
I love my lights! You guys are the best!
— Jonathan C. 6/12/16
Can’t thank you enough for your prompt service. Received my lights yesterday! Very much look forward to doing more business with you in the future!
— Debbie W. 6/10/16
I have your fog lights for my 15 f150 and LOVE them! Thanks!
— Frank E. 6/10/16
Thank you again for your outstanding customer support!
— Shawn K. 6/9/16
Thanks again — my experience with your company has always been positive.
— Brian T. 6/7/16
Headlights works perfectly. You guys and gals are great.
— Kerry W. 6/7/16
Thanks again for the great customer service! I will be placing more orders in the future.
— Chad B. 6/6/16
I have your fog lights for my 15 f150 and LOVE them!
— Devin H 6/5/16
The installation videos made it very easy for me. I enjoy the website & all of the products. My long term goal is to partake in all of your products!
— Rueben G. 6/2/16
Your customer service is second to none! Thanks again
— Chad K 6/1/16
The headlights work PERFECTLY!! What an incredible difference from the stock bulbs, love them!
— Cliff B. 5/30/16
The headlights are AWESOME!!! Love them!
— Kyler M. 5/26/16
I got a pair of MK11 headlights and fog lights in September, love them!
— Austen P. 5/26/16
Thanks for the always excellent customer service! You guys rock!
— Kyle T. 5/25/16
Great work with everything. The site is awesome and the install videos are very helpful. Thanks
— Sean R. 5/25/16
The headlights look freaking amazing!!! Thank you
— Clint J. 5/25/16
I recently purchased F150 LEDs to retrofit all the bulbs on my 2012 F150 Platinum, inside and out. I received prompt delivery, all bulbs and extras as promised and they were easy to fit. Now I drive my truck around and actually see where I am going!
— Gavin M. 5/24/16
You guys are awesome!! I have told friends about your awesome products and they have also been very satisfied with everything you guys offer. Thank you very much.
— Jesus H 5/23/16
Your MKIII headlights are awesome! The light field is excellent and these lights are much brighter then the competition. They have a very crisp bright light. I am very impressed and happy! thanx again !
— Don C. 5/23/16
Thank you so much for everything you guys have done for us (F150 owners). You guys are simply the best.
— Nayef M. 5/20/16
The mark II fog lights are fantastic, Thank you!
— Zach L. 5/17/16
Thank you guys!! Excellent service and excellent products. Thank you again!!
— Jose C. 5/17/16
Thank you guys so much for your help. I love your products. You have a customer for life!
— Thomas L. 5/17/16
Seriously the brightest cleanest light I have ever had!
— Tom B. 5/16/17
The lights are AMAZING! They are equal brightness on both low and high beams. Thank you so very much for being helpful with me. I will recommend this website to anyone and am very pleased. I will buy from you guys again. Thanks so much.
— Aaron I. 5/14/16
I am very happy with the colour of the lights and how bright they are !
— Matt S. 5/12/16
I love you products and have had dozens of people ask me where I got my LED light bar!!
— Daniel P. 5/12/16
I am very happy with everything I’ve bought from you guys and will be placing another order in the very near future, thanks again!
— Eric B. 5/10/16
I absolutely LOVE my lights from y’all. Thanks
— John G. 5/10/16
Thanks for the great customer support I recommend you guys to all my friends with f150s.
— Nick H. 5/9/16
Just got my LED headlights installed. Love the color, and the brightness.. Thank you!
— Randy K. 5/6/16
Your product makes my car more enjoyable everyday I drive my F150.
— Chris V. 5/6/16
Thank you for the awesome service!
— Brandon H. 5/6/16
I love F150LEDs.com!!
— Derek B. 5/4/16
Your customer service is awesome! I will be ordering more LEDs.
— Jimmy E. 5/4/16
I must say you have the best customer service I have ever seen.
— Harley M. 5/3/16
Thanks for the great product, I love my new headlights.
— Joshua T. 5/3/16
I just wanted to drop an email and say thank you very much for the headlight upgrade!!!
Those new Mark111 lights are bright, clean and look awesome!!
The road signs actually glow when the headlights hit them. It is like driving in HD.
Just wanted to say thanks once again and thanks for the tutorials found on your website.
Great job!!
— jack R. 5/2/16
I will definitely be making purchases from you again in the future and will recommend you to others seeking quality led products for their F150s.
Thank you!
— Gaerry V 5/2/16
I just installed my 2015 running board lights and they are very very bright and worth the money. I am very happy with my purchases through you guys. I also bought a lot of more stuff off of you guys and very very happy with everything as well. Thank you very much again!!!
— Joshua J. 5/2/16
You have incredible customer service! I’ll be sure to spread the word and send you all the business I can. Thanks again!
— Michael K. 5/2/16
Thank you so much! A+ customer service!!
— Thomas S. 4/29/16
Love your product. I work at the KCAP Ford plant in KC. Trucks should come standard with your lights!
— Cody W. 4/29/16
Thank you so much for the support. Great products and great people, look forward to purchasing more lights in the near future!
— Sean H. 4/29/16
LOVE your products!! I already have my interior lights and rear light facing the tailgate upgraded. Now I’m looking to do my headlights and fog lights. Keep producing killer upgrades for F150s!
— Nick F. 4/29/16
thank you so much for you quick response and great customer service. That seems to be few and far between today and is greatly appreciated. Loving the new lights and my truck looks great!
— Matt H. 4/28/16
Hello, I have received my order and I ‘m happy! Everything is installed and it is beautiful !
— Oliver B. 4/28/16
Your lights look amazing!
— Deb T. 4/28/16
The light bar I bought from you is top quality and I’ve been proudly showing it off on base.
Very respectfully,
— Jason G. 4/27/16
The products are perfect and came in a lot sooner then I thought they would 5 star rate will definitely be buying more!
— Shawn H. 4/26/16
Y’all are a stand up business and I’d recommend to anybody.
— Craig H. 4/26/16
The Mark II cargo lights are so much brighter than the originals, this was a great upgrade.
— Dave s. 4/26/16
Very bright both in front of the vehicle and to the sides. I think you have a great product.
— John E. 4/26/16
Great products! Every bulb on the exterior of my truck is yours and they work and look great.
— Ashley J. 4/26/16
Your guys customer service is awesome I will be ordering more LED lights for my pickup from you guys.
— Chris Z. 4/26/16
These lights are AMAZING...What a freakin difference....And look very sexy on the my Raptor!!!! I will highly recommend you to any F150 owner looking for a great way to upgrade the their truck..THANK YOU again for all you help!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!
— Matt H. 4/26/16
Thank you. Love the fog lights and plate lights on my 2015.
— Dave C. 4/25/16
I just received my mk2 cargo lights and they are fantastic thank you very much!
— Andy D. 4/24/16
I ordered the 2015 red cup holder lights and the exterior running board lights and they are awesome!
— Carl H. 4/24/16
Fog lights and tag lights work great!!
— Dave C. 4/22/16
I replaced all of the exterior lights on my brand new 2016 F150 with your LED’s and i couldn’t be happier. Very nice color tone to all the lights. I am pleased with everything so far.

I appreciate your support and the great products! Thank you!
— Paul W. 4/21/16
You guys have a great service team and are very responsive for people’s needs thank you again!
— Colby M. 4/21/16
Ordered a bunch of lights from you guys for my 04 f150 lariat and all of them are awesome, very pleased!
— James B. 4/21/16
I plan on ordering more soon and have already installed the running board LED’s and they look great!! Thanks!
— Troy P. 4/20/16
Quality and brightness of the lights I ordered is awesome. Thanks!
— Tim M. 4/20/16
I love the truck leds I outfitted my F150 with especially the headlights and fog lights!
— Justin B. 4/19/16
You guys have the best customer service I’ve ever had.
— Chris L. 4/18/2016
I’m LOVING my LED’s on my truck!
— Maitland F. 4/14/16
Hey Guys,
Got the 09-14 Mark III headlight kits installed yesterday; couldn’t wait for the sun to set so I could try ‘em out. Needless to say, they are OUTSTANDING!!

Thanks again for the great products from F150LEDs.com!!
— Mike D. 4/9/16
Y’all have been exceptional!
— Chris G. 4/5/16
Your products and customer service is Top Notch and will be ordering addition products to finish my F-150.
— Gerald D. 4/4/16
I received the replacement back up LED’s marked MKII. What a HUGE difference. I am so happy. Thank you again. Need to save up a few bucks before I order my LED headlights - should be very soon.
Thank you again!
— Al B. 4/2/16
I purchased the cree reverse lights a couple months ago and love them, they make backing out of my driveway a breeze and I longer take out the side of my house or the neighbors azaleas!
— Colin F.
Thanks for making great products hope to get a lightbar from you guys soon.
— Marty S. 3/31/16
Recently installed the LED running board lights, LED STT bulbs and the MKII B/U bulbs on my 2015 F150 FX4 super cab. . I am very pleased with your products. I love the running board lights because it gives my passengers and I an extra added safety measure when entering & exiting my truck. Can’t say enough about the intensity of the back up lights, even to the sides of the truck. Thanks!
— Brian H. 3/30/16
Love all leds I have purchased and now I am looking forward to replacing turn signal lights and a light bar or two. Thank you!
— Jamie B. 3/30/16
Thanks for y’alls help, I look forward to buying more lights again thank you very much
— Bobby G. 3/29/16
I will definitely buy whatever else I need for my truck from you if it’s available in the future! Thanks again!
— Jay W. 3/29/16
Have purchase several of your products and love them all
— Richard K. 3/28/16
I recently ordered 4 items from you folks and couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product. Thanks so much
— Dale N. 3/28/16
Thank you guys very much for 5 star customer service and products. 10 out of 10 will definitely purchase from y’all again.
— Andy K. 3/28/16
I love the lights I will be buying more lighting options from yall! These LED MKII beams blow any HID kit out of the water they put out way more light, and there is no warm up time on them they are great and look even better!! 5 stars Thanks again guys!
— Austin C. 3/24/16
Thanks for all you do and great products!
— Greg S. 3/23/16
Wow, y’all are amazing to work with. I had no clue it would be that easy to work with you guys! Thank you!
— Chase S. 3/22/16
Hey Guys! I received my fog lights today.

Had just finished installing the driver’s side bulb and was checking them as a neighbor walked by and said “Did you know that one of those bulbs is a LOT brighter than the other?”

Told him that I was changing out bulbs and had only done one side. So I went to look at them (this is a 5 PM; lots of daylight) and could not believe how bright those bulbs are!

Thanks for your terrific product; can’t wait to get those headlight kits next!
— Mike D. 3/22/16
love the lights. They are really bright.
— Joseph D. 3/22/16
I received my order today. My fog lights are awesome!
— Richard H. 3/22/16
I’ve received my Leds. I am certainly impressed!
— Avery W. 3/22/16
Love the lights, they have gotten me many compliments. Thanks a bunch!
— Chase S. 3/22/16
Thank you for the great installation assistance videos!
— Rob W. 3/22/16
I bought the Cree LED Mark II fog lights for my 2011 f150 just a few months ago and absolutely love them. Tons of light output and helps me see things that the headlights just don’t shine on.
— Andrew K. 3/21/16
Thank you very much. Awesome customer service.
— Ryan F. 3/21/16
I purchased all the interior and I love them. Plan on buying all the exterior soon. Thank you!
— Nate G. 3/19/16
Great Lights! Just got my fog , marker, turn, brake, 3rd brake , back up, and cargo lights. They are bright. Lot better than OEM. Really make a difference. Can’t wait to see the headlights. Thanks
— Ranger G. 3/19/16
You have the best customer service ever. Thank you.
— joe C. 3/18/16
Y’all are great thanks for the quick service!! I will definitely be ordering from you again!
— Scott W. 3/18/16
Hey guys, just want to say thanks! I’ve had 3 different kinds of HID’s on my old truck, NOT one of them puts out the light that these MKII LEDs do its unbelievable.. You guys know what your doing with these, I will be spreading the word about yall....... Thanks again!
— Austin C. 3/16/16
I installed the rear LED STT & BU bulbs. What an improvement!
— Brian H. 3/15/16
Love the light output of these bulbs!
— Pete P. 3/15/16
I couldn’t be happier with my led kits, I’m in the process of getting a second f150 and it will be fitted with your led kits too. Thank You!
— Jay B. 3/15/16
Running board lights are sick.
— Zack W. 3/14/16
Thank you for your awesome customer service, I will pass on my great experience to the f150 community in my area!
— Mitch C. 3/14/16
The tag, brake, reverse and front marker are absolutely stunning...Well definitely recommend to everybody who asks!
— Thomas M. 3/11/16
You guys are awesome! You live up to your statement of 100 % Satisfaction. Thanks again.
— Pastor Damon T. 3/11/16
The running board lights look great and very bright!
— Todd D. 3/11/16
I bought the raptor lights from you guys. I get lots of compliments on them, they are great! I love them, sets my f150 off nicely.
— David M. 3/10/16
The headlamps are absolutely stunning.
— Dana B. 3/7/16
Glad y’all serve customers to the fullest!
— John F. 3/7/16
Y’all have the best Customer Service, highly recommended by me!
— Reid S. 3/7/16
I bought 2 led light bars off of you about a year and a half ago; they are awesome.
— Brandon G. 3/7/16
Thank you your products are amazing!!!
— john S. 3/7/16
You guys are AWESOME! Thank you so much.
— Monia K. 3/7/16
My uncle bought the mark 2 back up lights for his 2010 f150 from you and loves them, he highly recommends you! I am going to get some lights now too! Thank you!
— Alex P. 3/7/16
Just wanted to say I ordered some interior lights for my fitty. They came right away. The site & The how too’s are a cut above all of your competition. Very impressive. Usually u never get it perfect. Y’all have.
— Joey G. 3/4/16
Thank you, I am very happy with all the products I have purchased from you.
— Nicholas P. 3/1/16
bought a set of your LED back ups (mine were a little weak) YOURS ARE GREAT!
— Barry T. 3/1/16
Thank you guys. Your lights are perfect!
— Ryan D. 2/29/16
Thank you for your great customer service!!
— Lowell P. 2/29/16
Thanks for making all of your wonderful products!!
— Tyler W. 2/29/16
I love how I can get all the LEDs in one place and how easy the videos make it.
— Bobby R. 2/26/16
Thank you so very much! You guys are the best to deal with:)!!
— Robert H. 2/25/16
Thank you for great customer service!!
— Jason K. 2/24/16
So far I am loving the fog lights and tail lights. Hope to order more from you soon.
— Jerry P. 2/24/16
the reverse bars and other lights I ordered are awesome.
— Mike P. 2/24/16
Thank y’all and I love the products they really add to the truck.
— Daniel A. 2/23/16
I really can’t thank you enough for your excellent service. I’ll be ordering from you again soon
— Mark G. 2/23/16
thank you so much. You guys are awesome
— Billy V. 2/23/16
I installed my Raptor Style Grill Lights two weeks ago and they looked awesome! Installation was easy and perfectly explained as on your video.
— Henry P. 2/22/16
I absolutely love all your products that I have installed. I am very pleased as they have made a huge difference in the appearance and safety of my 2013 F-150 Platinum!
— Mathew S. 2/19/16
The Mark 2 headlights and fog lights are AWESOME.
— Tom H. 2/18/16
thank you so much. you guys are the best!! can’t wait until I get to order all the front bulbs.
— Derek W. 2/18/16
The LED interior lights are amazing
— Jeff S. 2/17/16
I just bought the LED cab lights, license plate lights and the LED reverse light. I couldn’t be happier with the product. Thanks
— Greg G. 2/16/16
As soon as i get the extra cash ill be sure to order more and recommend you guys to all my f150 friends. Thanks again!
— Harry M. 2/16/16
Thank you for your great customer service, Awesome!
— Joe C. 2/16/16
Thank you for the great products! I will be sure to spread the word and glad I found your product. I haven’t turned on my fog lights the whole year I owned the truck until now because I can’t stand seeing vehicles who’s fog lights don’t match the headlights!

Thank you.
— Ryan S. 2/15/16
Outstanding Customer Service!
— John L. 2/15/16
I just want to say thank you for your great customer service. I also would like to say your products are amazing and I wouldn’t choose anyone else for my led lighting needs. :)
— Bryce K. 2/15/16
Good afternoon I ordered and installed your step rail led lights and they are great!
— Joe E. 2/15/16
thanks again for the awesome customer service !!
— Harold M. 2/15/16
Once again, your customer service is bar-none! Thanks guys!
— jack K. 2/12/16
Your videos and lights are awesome! Thanks!
— Nick B. 2/12/16
Thank you very much. You guys have outstanding customer service!!!
— Ben L. 2/12/16
The backup lights are outstanding!!! Thanks !
— Rick S. 2/11/16
I love your lights!
— Kate B. 2/11/16
Thank you so much for taking care of me! I really appreciate the help.
— Rick P. 2/10/16
Installed the headlights, they perform great up here in Alaska!
— Michael H. 2/10/16
You guys are always detailed and I love that.

— Brandon S. 2/9/16
Lights are working great! So bright!! I am looking forward to retrofitting the rest of my truck with the F150LEDs lights! Thanks again
— Mike F. 2/9/16
You guys have a great customer service team.
— Ben R. 2/8/16
The fog lights were simple to replace and they look amazing.
— Benjamin L. 2/8/16
Got my fogs installed and they look awesome! Thanks again for the great service.
— Richie G. 2/7/16
I am ecstatic with the license plate leds, the fog light leds, and the reverse light leds!
— Ryan P. 2/5/16
I like the all the light interior and exterior lights that i bought. They look great on and the installation videos were a huge help.
— Trevor L. 2/5/16
Thank yall. I will be putting in more orders soon for another light bar and led headlights and fogs. Thanks for the help and quick responses.
— CJ W. 2/5/16
Thank you, I have enjoyed your service!
— Francisco G. 2/4/16
Received package....thank you great lights. Wish I would of ordered more lights at same time!
— Jean D. 2/3/16
Hey guys! Installed my 2015 headlights per your video. They are great! Beautiful light and brighter than I expected.
— Brandon E. 2/3/16
Thank you for your help and for your good service!
— Wade B. 2/3/16
You guys have an excellent website. The YouTube videos on the how to install are the best ones I ever saw. Great job!!
— Mike G. 2/2/16
Thanks for all of your help. Great looking modifications!
— Bill B. 2/2/16
Thank you for the the great service!!!
— Rich G. 2/1/16
Awesome products and info videos!
— Dillon H. 1/31/16
I will continue to be a loyal customer in the future!
— Joey M. 1/30/16
Love the lights and much cooler than the HID ones that I had. Thank you !!
— Alex C. 1/30/16
I appreciate you guys so much and love you’re products and will continue to buy more!
— Cheyenne B. 1/30/16
Thanks for the Wonderful Customer support!
— Jordan T. 1/29/16
Thank you guys very much. I’m very happy with the lights .
— Chase C. 1/28/16
You guys are amazing.

Thank You for restoring my faith the truly phenominal customer service still exists.

More than a satisfied Customer!
— Paige P. 1/28/16
I recently received my 22” light bar and couldn’t be happier.
— John M. 1/27/16
I look forward to doing business with you guys in the future!
— Jason K. 1/26/16
Thanks look forward to ordering from you in the future!
— Justin H. 1/26/16
I appreciate all your hard work and for getting back to me so soon. Looking forward to that sweet bulbs, cheers guys!
Thanks again, Joey
— Joey M 1/26/16
Hey guys! This is a late review but I got my lights about 2 weeks, and I’m so glad I got them! They are SO MUCH more brighter than the factory bulbs. Honestly, I thought the brightness was a bit exaggerated, but I was wrong. A great buy from y’all, and the light color is perfect. I have the MARK II fogs and they match perfectly.
— Bradely M. 1/26/16
I purchased several products about 9 months ago from your site and I am very pleased with everything!
— Michael C. 1/25/16
The tag lights are awesome! I can’t wait to install the fog lights when I get them. What a difference that will make. Thank you for your help.
— Pat G. 1/25/16
Thank you for standing behind your products. I appreciate it!
With service like you are providing and standing behind your products will insure that I will be a returning customer. Soon we will be purchasing another light bar.
Thanks again!
— Thomas C. 1/23/16
You guys are the best. I sport many of your products on my F150 and I love them.

The customer service only adds to the experience.
— Matt E. 1/22/16
I appreciate the awesome customer service!
— Lawrence S. 1/21/2016
Thank you for the quick response and taking care of me. I have only heard great things about your company and plan on buying more items from you!

Take care!
— Tom K. 1/21/16
Excellent help, yet one more reason I went with you guys. Great service!
— Brooke L. 1/20/16
thanks love the site, very happy with the products
— Eric H. 1/19/16
I’m really loving the light bar and backup lights and am looking forward to those tail lights! Thanks, Tom
— Tom C. 1/19/16
Love the lights and you guys have great costumer service!
— Emilio F. 1/18/16
Thanks sooo much. Those are an exact match to the factory LED’s. I truly appreciate such good customer service. It’s a rare thing these days.

You have a customer for life!
— Bill W. 1/11/16
Your customer service is amazingly quick and Awesome. Thank you so much!! I really like your products a lot.
— Kane S. 1/8/16
Thank you. I will place another order in the near future as I’m looking at adding some more of your products. Thank you again for the customer service. Second to none!
— Nolan E. 1/8/16
Thanks F150LEDs, I appreciate you.
— Jim M. 1/8/16
Hello, I recently purchased all of your lights low beam, highbeam and fog lights for my 2015 F150. I absolutely love the color and output as well as the quality of product, thank you!
— Tavo S. 1/7/16
Thanks for your help. The lights are working perfectly and are all they were promised to be. Thank you very much!
— Ken W. 1/7/16
Thank you, you have made me a loyal customer!
— Steve C. 1/7/15
Thank you for the quick response and excellent customer service, it is truly appreciated! I look forward to receiving my next order!

Kindest regards,
— Karen V. 1/6/16
Thanks for helping me and thanks for the great service and products.
— Brooke L. 1/6/16
The fog lights are much brighter then the OEM bulbs and match the LED headlights perfectly. I love them,big improvement over stock.
— David R. 1/5/16
Thank you again for your great customer service!
— Shawn W. 1/5/16
you guys are awesome, thank you so much!
— Varun R. 1/5/16
Thank you!!! I appreciate the excellent customer service!
— Bill W. 1/5/16
My son loves the products we have gotten for his truck. Thank You!
— Susan G. 1/5/16
I got the lights mounted and they look great! Thanks!
— Justin R. 1/4/16
The light bar is so bright now my son wants new fog lights and headlights to match so we will have to see. Thanks again!
— Eddie S. 1/4/16
Thanks for the great customer service!
— Lucas B. 1/4/16
Thanks for your help, can’t wait to get my new LED lights so I can install on my 2013 Roush Raptor. Love the how to videos!
— Steve K. 1/3/16
Just finished install and these are great lights!!! I have 15% tint all around and they completely light up my driveway when I’m backing out. It’s nice to finally see where I’m going! Great product. Thanks! Also installed the signal kits I got from you as well and they’re great, too.
— Colin F. 1/2/16
I can’t say enough about your customer satisfaction, you have the best looking product, and you stand behind it.
— Joe N. 1/1/16
Thanks very much, cup holder lights are working great. It looks awesome.
— Rob M. 1/1/16
Thank you for the great cup holder product.
— Dan K. 12/31/15
I really really REALLY love how bright and sexy looking they are!
— George M. 12/31/15
thank you so much. I love the look.
— Calvin E. 12/31/15
My Girl friend for me tail light and reverse LEDS I love them.
— Keith M. 12/31/15
By finding your site I have saved myself $300.00, Thank You!
— Brent M. 12/31/15
Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I love your guys products and you guys
have great service.
— Dalton S. 12/29/15
I look forward to doing further business with F150LEDS. Thank you again for great customer service!
— David A. 12/28/15
Thanks F150 LEDS!! My order arrived today, ready for install this weekend! Keep up the good work.
— Colin F. 12/27/15
I got all the bulbs in and the light bar as well. They all look great! I will replacing the rest of the bulbs after CHRISTmas is behind us.
— Jeff S. 12/15/15
Good day. I want to thank you for the great support and services. Thanks!
— Thamer A 12/9/15
Hi. I recently purchased a 2015 f150 headlight mark 2 kit from your website. I got everything installed and it all looks amazing
— Tyson T. 12/9/15
You guys are more than great!
— Mark C. 12/9/15
I’m very happy and satisfied with the fog lights. I installed them last night and I really like them.
— Chris J 12/9/15
The Mark II fog lights have been amazing!
— Fransico G 12/9/15
bulbs are bright and look great — thank you very much
— George H 12/9/15
I am very happy and the appearance is very cool. We are experiencing a lot of fog and the lights are very bright and help.
— Dwyane C. 12/4/15
Thank you so much. I have about 50% of what u offer for my truck. Love it all!
— Justin D. 12/4/15
I love your products. I have the fogs and headlights and they are both great
— Nick H. 12/3/15
My headlights and fogs still running strong! Love them.
— Brandon A. 12/3/15
Thanks! You guys are the best! Love your lights so far!
— Steve S. 12/3/15
I purchased your running board lights for my 2015 they are fantastic work great, they light up my running boards quite nicely. Great product excellent service quick shipping. A+ business in my opinion thanks guys!
— Bruce B. 11/30/15
Thank you very much! You guys are great.
— Carl H. 11/25/15
Hi F150LEDs,
Just wanted to let you know that I received, and installed, the 2015 MK II Headlight LEDs.
There is just no comparison between the stock halogen lights and the MK II LEDs—they are SO much brighter and put out that beautiful, brilliant white light that reaches out WAY down the road to illuminate everything. Thanks for making available a great alternative and a dramatic improvement to stock Ford F150 headlight light systems. I’m looking forward to your introduction of other 2015 LED products.
— Warren A. 11/25/15
I bought all my interior lights from you guys. Love them!!
— Tyler W. 11/24/15
All your lights look great and the videos on installing are great also thanks for going the extra mile !!!
I’m on a facebook page called F150 Ecoboost Owners I refer you all for lights all the time keep up the good work !
— Paul H. 11/23/15
The auxiliary reverse lights are the BOMB!! I have gotten nothing but compliments on them and the running board lights.
— Greg L. 11/21/15
Thank you for all your help. The lights are hooked up and work perfectly! Your customer service is excellent! I can’t wait to order more lights for our vehicles and to tell our family and friends about your products.

— Nick T. 11/20/15
Awesome! Thank you! Truck looks awesome! Thank you once again for getting my order out quick!
— Jimmy V. 11/18/15
Hey guys so I just received my MARK II Fog lights for my 2013 F-150 and they are absolutely perfect! They are pure white and not a hint of blue, just what I was wanting! Coming from the MARK I, these are definitely an improvement! Thanks guys and keep up the good work!
— Bradley M. 11/17/15
these lights ROCK! It’s like day time back there
— William S. 11/17/15
I have a 2015 F150 I bought a variety of Led lights from you recently and love everyone of them.
— Jordan T. 11/17/15
I am very pleased with your product.. AND service. Thank you folks.
— Tony M. 11/17/15
— Tera W. 11/17/15
Wow! Thank You for the FAST response and generous handling. My wife and I have high regard to your business ethic. We look forward to passing our experience of www.F150LEDS.com with others and purchasing additional LEDs. Thanks!
— Clark L 11/16/15
Awesome, thank you!
— Chris A. 11/16/15
Love your videos and installation explanations. Thanks!
— Jimmy V. 11/16/15
This is my second order in two weeks. You have a great product. Thanks.
— Dale D. 11/13/15
Thank you for everything you do!
— Kristopher K. 11/12/15
I bought a large order including the 22” front lightbar and LED tail and fog lights. I just want to say they all are awesome!
— Kyle W. 11/10/15
Thank you so much y’all are awesome
— Mike T. 11/10/15
wow thanks! You guys are truly amazing!
— Bradley M. 11/10/15
Lovin all the led upgrades so far and not done yet! Installation videos are awesome!
— Marshall L. 11/10/15
I love my lights and have great comments and my dad wants the same lights on his truck
— Mike K. 11/9/15
2015 f-150 fog/driving lights mark2 are PERFECT match in temp for my headlights....thanks!
— Nicholas W. 11/9/15
Thanks you guys are the best
— Bill S 11/5/15
Thank you for all your help, you guys are great!!
— Scott M. 11/5/15
Hi guys would like to say that I love your products they are awesome I have gotten several things!
— Jordan E. 11/5/15
Thank you for all your help, you folks are awesome.
— Ken L. 11/3/15
Thank you for the great customer support, I look forward to doing business with you again in the future!
— Darrel B. 11/2/15
these lights are fricking awesome so thanks for making my second order as good if not better than my first order.
— Kenneth L. 11/2/15
Totally happy other than that.
Love my license plate ones and my rear dome.
Super bright! Will be doing taillights and headlights next!
— George P. 11/2/15
Just finished up my cup holder lights, couldn’t be anymore excited!! Such a simple install an it adds so much to the interior. Love how they’re wired up so that when I dim my dash lights it dims as well. Thanks for a great kit/product can’t wait to handle the next project, maybe the mirror parking light-blinker combo!!
— Kalib M. 11/2/15
I recently purchased the raptor LEDs last week and they are awesome just as advertised.I installed them with no problem as the instructional video shows
— Kyle K. 10/29/15
You guys are amazing! I totally appreciate it the blue cupholder lights are the coolest thing on my truck! I will definately be ordering something from you guys soon!! Thank you
— Cory A. 10/29/15
Just received my break light and turn signal LEDs. The LEDs are great thanks. very bright night and day compared to the stock bulbs. Thanks again!
— Kurt S. 10/27/15
Thanks a whole lot, and I will definitely be coming back to y’all for my other lights! Y’all have the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Thanks again.
— Josh M. 10/26/15
Thank you very much appreciated, you guys are awesome
— Josh K. 10/26/15
Dude, The lights came today, 2 days early. The reverse lights and the brake turn signal lights look so awesome!! I was able to understand the video once I took my rear light housings off. Thanks!!
— Greg L. 10/26/15
I look forward to buying more products from f150leds, as the customer service was excellent and professional.
— Scott M.
These lights are awesome. Easy to install and makes the truck look great.
— Mike K. 10/25/15
Loving my ‘22 lightbar, I wanted to share a photo of her!
— Sam G. 10/24/15
awesome light! The 22” bar helped me with alot of those late hunting adventures around utah montana and idaho.
— Jason B. 10/24/15
Thank you very much! I will most certainly be purchasing more products from your company! Thank you for such awesome customer service!
— Cameron H. 10/23/15
My name is Mat M******** and I bought LED lights for my 2013 Raptor through you. I was extremely satisfied with your product and your service. Cheers!
— Mathew M 10/19/15
Hey Guys, Followed the directions you sent and love the lights. Thanks!
— Nick W. 10/17/15
I got the headlights set and very happy with the quality of the light and bulbs themselves. This is my fourth or fifth order from F150 LEDS and I’m over joyed with the quality, service, price and shipping speed of everything I have ordered. I have told all my F150 friends about you. Keep up the good work. Thanks for everything, until my next order...
— Brian W. 10/16/15
Hi F150LEDS! I purchased my husband the 42” LED bar back in April, and just recently bought the 2009-14 CREE LED Head Light Kit and 2009-14 CREE LED Fog Light Kit. The lights are just AWESOME! We love them! We love your products and recommend them to everyone (We are from Ontario, Canada).
— Angie M. 10/15/15
Everything looks and works great. I will continue recommending you to others!
— Dustin M 10/15/15
Thank you for your responses and your amazing customer service.
— Shant P. 10/14/15
the product is exactly as described in the videos and even better. The lights are so bright and add such a nice touch. Overall product is awesome and I recommend it to everyone.
— Cam M. 9/13/15
Thank you all so very much! I really do love your guys product. I appreciate you all and do plan on buying more of the F-150 LED product. Thanks so much!
— Cheyenne B. 9/13/15
Thanks! Great customer service.
— James B. 9/13/15
I love my LED, install was simple, great job with install videos! Very pleased with the light output!
— Sam G. 10/12/15
just wanted to say how awesome these MKII headlights are. D*** they’re bright! Very impressed with them and the CREE tail lights. Glad I got em! Thanks for your help!
— Kyle T. 10/7/15
I recently purchased the Mark II fog light bulbs for my 2015. i couldn’t be happier, thank you.
— Bill W. 10/7/15
Thank you for the great customer service!
— Ali K. 10/6/15
thank you! I really like you guys company and what you sell! Already recommending it to all of my friends! I look forward to doing further business with you in the future!
— Austin A. 10/5/15
thanks for the killer products!
— Brian T. 10/5/15
The running board lights look absolutely AMAZING.
— Greg L. 9/30/15
Thank you very much. Due to your customer service I just bought more lights from your company. I bought the reverse lights, cargo lights, and liscense plate lights for my 2014 f150. I would like you to know that your customer service has gone and will go a long with me. I will make sure to spread a good word about your company. Thank you once again.
— Alex R. 9/30/15
Thank you I really appreciate it and will definitely shop at f150leds.com again. Thanks!
— mathew S. 9/30/15
The lights look great! I’m looking forward to buying additional accessories in the near future! Thanks for all your help.
— Christian P. 9/22/15
Thank y’all so much! I will be shopping with y’all again!!
— Aaron M. 9/19/15
You guys are why I will only purchase LEDs from you. Your customer service is unmatchable!! You can quote me on that! :)

Thanks again I love doing business with you guys!!
— Seth P. 9/18/15
I just ordered these LED’s for my running boards. I am fricken stoked!!!! I love your site and the videos are awesome and you explain it in a normal way and don’t treat novice guys like me as if I were dumb!! I will also be ordering the Cree reverse lights soon.!!! So stoked!!
— Greg L. 9/18/15
Thank you guys for your support!
— Kurt F. 9/18/15
I put the headlights in yesterday. They are incredible. What a difference!
— Grant B. 9/17/15
Wow! yall reply really fast I really appreciate it. Definitely will recommend yall to my ford buddies!
— Chris T. 9/16/15
Thank you very much!
— Kyle Z. 9/16/15
Awesome! Got my LEDs in and they are working awesome and look even better! Thank you!
— Brad S. 9/15/15
You have superior customer service and I look forward to my next purchase.
— Mike M. 9/12/15
Absolutely Fabulous Reverse Lights !!!!
— Steve K. 9/10/15
Hey guys! I jut ordered the LED head lights for my 2014 F150 and proudly are already sporting a 42inch light bar, interior LED’s, and fog lights! Keep up the great service! and feel free to pin my location on your map, Yellowknife, NWT. Canada.
— Sean T. 8/9/15
Excellent customer service. I very much appreciate you! My dad has a 14 f150 and im sure ill be selling him on the products when he sees my truck this fall. Im glad i cant tell him the customer service is excellent too!
— 9/8/15 Grant B.
Thank you so much! You have some amazing products and looking forward to owning them all.
— Nathan A. 9/8/15
Just getting in from offshore for a month. The 22” bar was literally a 5 minute install. You guys make it so easy for non professionals to make lighting upgrades to our F-150s. Many guys I work with want to know if you will ever do other makes. I tell them they just to start buying F-150s. Lol

Thanks again!
— Shannon B 9/8/15
Hey. Thanks for the help, despite it being your day off. Everything is working great and looks awesome. Thanks for the help.
— Blake B. 9/7/15
Wow! Way better than the other ones. Perfect color and brightness is great as well! Thanks again!
— John K. 9/6/15
I appreciate all of your help and prompt service and will continue to be a F150LEDS customer!
— Michael S. 9/5/15
1st of I would like to say thank u!! Customer Service is unreal with F150 leds. I’m floored with how kind and helpful the reps are!!
— Tammy H. 9/4/15
Just finished installing them and all I can say is WOW!! These things are a massive improvement over stock. Thanks for all your assistance, I wish everyone were as helpful as you guys.
— Simon P. 9/4/15
I’ll be in touch with another order soon. Your attention to customer service and satisfaction is duly noted.
— Mark T. 9/3/15
Thanks again. You guys are awesome!
— Cam S. 9/2/15
Thank you very much. I really appreciate the great service!
— Stan T. 9/1/15
Wow thank you, great customer service! I will definitely pass this on to my friends and family!
— Rhett B. 8/31/15
Thanks for all you do dedicated to us F150 owners.
— Greg W. 8/30/15
Awesome thank you so much! Great service!!
— Simon M. 8/28/15
All I can say is excellent customer service!
— Neal M. 8/27/15
Thanks for the fast service got the LED and installed it works great ready for some more LED lights my next project is the LED SIDE STEP KIT. Thanks guys
— Herman V 8/24/15
Lights are bright as I’ve ever seen. Great setup. And thank you guys for the very fast shipping.
— Luke J 8/25/15
I received my new fog lights today in the mail and hooked them up. They look great!! Thank you very much!!! YAll have excellent customer service look forward to doing business with you in the future!!! Thanks
— Ryan L. 8/21/15
really appreciate it a++ service look forward to future business
— Quintin B 8/17/15
the puddle lights are awesome, they are nice and bright!
— Daniel T. 8/17/15
Thank you for the excellent Customer Service. You will definitely have a repeat customer here.
— James V. 8/17/15
Thank you so much! You guys are the best! can’t wait to get them.
— Alex E. 8/17/15
Awesome! You guys are great. Looking forward to getting more gear from you.
— Mark L. 8/14/15
Got my 22” bar, LOVE IT. WOW! Brilliant Lighting.. I can see further and in the ditch. Nice product.!
— John L. 8/14/15
thanks for your dedicated customer support my truck looks awesome and is much safer to drive day or night
— Brian S. 8/13/15
Wow! Thank you so much.
— John K. 8/12/15
Thank you for the great customer service. I can’t wait to see how my truck will look once everything is installed.
— John R. 8/12/15
Received your new fog light led’s and they are just awesome! Super bright and look great. Thanks so much!
— Matt B 8/11/15
That lightbar is CRAZY BRIGHT, and I DO MEAN CRAZY BRIGHT!! LOL That is what I wanted when I ordered it from you, and that is what you delivered!
— Warren A. 8/9/15
Just wanted to thank you again. I love the reverse light bars and the Cree tail lights. I defiantly have no more trouble seeing what’s behind me! Because of the prompt service I had I’m looking forward to purchasing more products in the near future!
— Larry H 8/9/15
Hey F150LEDs gang! I received the new MarkII fog’s and WOW..what a difference in light output!!! Perfect!!
— Eric G. 8/7/15
I really appreciate your customer service sir, its nice to experience it still.
— Vincent D. 8/3/15
I am in love with your product. I keep watching and watching you videos and information. I’m telling you... you guys are doing a great work with all your products.
— Daniel M. 8/1/15
Bought the 22 inch bar LED from you for the front Intercooler space. Luv it !!! Thanks
— Matt D 7/31/15
Thank you very much. This has been the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with.
— Justin C 7/31/15
thank you very much for the great customer service! have a good day.
— Alex M. 7/30/15
will support the company If I need anything else!
— Erik S. 7/29/15
I recently purchased a set of your Cree headlight bulbs for my 2013 f150. Awesome kit!!!
— Jason M 7/29/15
Hey F150 LEDS,
Really happy with my order, makes the truck look a lot better and I’ll be ordering more soon!
— Jack K 7/28/15
Thank you once again. I will definitely be buying from yall again.
— Joshua M. 7/27/15
Thank you very much for your prompt replys and quick service. Outstanding!
— Blair W. 7/27/15
Love my puddle lights and brand new headlights I got from y’all the other day! Thanks!!
— Matt L. 7/25/15
Thx F150LEDs, you kick ***!!
— Chris M. 7/23/15
So far I have installed on my 2014 F150 xlt Your fog lights, Reverse Light Bars, Cargo/Break Lights, and my latest the Raptor Style Grill Lights..I get tons of compliments on them and always asked where to get them. I have sent many folks to your site..always looking to see what’s new!!!
— Paul J. 7/21/15
Thank you again for following up on all this, your post purchase service is stellar.
— Chris J 7/21/15
Hi, It arrived yesterday and my son was so excited. He installed it in minutes. Thank you so much!
— Regina Z. 7/20/15
Thank you very happy with the customer service !
— Ariz F. 7/14/15
I appreciate the the new lights. Everything is great. Ive got my eye on the reverse lights and interior floor board lights next
— Josh S. 7/12/15
Great, many thanks for this. I have just placed an order and look forward to receiving the products
— John M. 7/11/15
Awesome thank you!
— John S. 7/10/15
You guys are the best by far! I have your stickers on my truck and refer you to all my friends. Thanks for everything!
— Harrison W. 7/9/15
It came in yesterday and looks great! Cant wait to see what else I will order from you guys!
— Joshua T. 7/8/15
LOVE my interior kit.
— Stephen L. 7/7/15
I received everything today looks great! Thank you for all your help. Told all my friends about you and I rock the sticker on my F150. Thanks again
— Cam S. 7/6/15
Outstanding!!! The lights work great, look awesome. Thanks for getting back. Great product and support.
— Jared M. 7/4/15
Thank you guys very much, I appreciate your time reaching out to me and your great service! I’ll be shopping with you guys again soon.
— Dev T. 7/3/15
Got my LED bar in yesterday. It’s awesome. Came in handy last night we had a big storm and I could see clear as day! The wireless option is a great feature and it looks great!
— Trent S. 7/2/15
I also wanted to thank you for you quick response and commend you on your great costumer service. I will definitely be back when considering other accessories.
— Robert M. 6/26/15
Thank you again, you have gained a loyal customer for life. I will be in touch next month with my next order, and you will be hearing from at least one friend of mine as well.

With best regards,
— Chris
I love the look your products give F150s and want mine to look the same!
— H. Walker
You guys are awesome. Thank you!
— S. Hogue
I love y’alls customer service! I have already referred you guys out to two friends that are about to order light bars too. Thanks!
— P. Ethridge
Thank you and have a great day. It was a pleasure doing business. I was very pleased with the customer service. Thanks again!
— R. J. Ryan
Got the lights today. Thanks!! Yes they are already installed and they match all the other lights and they look great!!
— R. Rainey
Thank you for the help. Bad *** kit. Thank you. Awesome, U guys are awesome.
— M. Booth
Super thanks! Regards,
— B. Bracey
Thanks for the quick response.
You are at a fraction of the price of everyone else so I will order it and some interior lights as well. Thanks again.
— J. Arangio
Thank you. The lights look great I will be ordering more very soon. Great customer service.
— A. Enos
I installed my bed lighting kit today and I’m very happy with it so far.
You guys have the smoothest installation on the market and the lights are top quality.
— G. Stewart
Thank you much sir! The 42 inch bar install was a breeze
— R. Dipalma
Thank you again for your assistance over the past couple of days! Eagerly awaiting the arrival of our lights!
— R. Stephen