We are all apart of the same community, making returns difficult and painful is not something we are interested in doing. Ever. Sometimes a return is needed, and we’re here to get you taken care of!
— Your F150LEDs Team

no need to contact us, simply follow these 3 steps to complete your return.

*Returns are subject to a 15% re-acceptance fee if opened/used etc.

Make sure to read the following guidelines to ensure this is the correct form for you.

  1. Returns are honored on products 30 days from the purchase date. (A grace period of 7 days will be awarded)
  2. This form is meant for change of mind, wrong parts ordered etc.
  3. If you are contemplating a return due to an apparent product malfunction, please thoroughly check the support center installation instruction guide and the troubleshooting guide for solutions. If problems persist, please use the warranty claim form.

Download, print and fully complete the return form using the button below.

Package and return your item(s) along with your completed return from.

Please write "RETURN" followed by your order number on the outside of your package. Use USPS first class mail when possible and USPS priority mail when first class is unavailable. Please always use delivery confirmation service.

Ship the Package to:

F150LEDs 7315 malton Court Evans Ga 30809 United States

That's It! Thanks for your support!

We will have your return packaged processed with-in 48 hours of receiving it (mon-fri).

An email will be sent using the original orders E-mail with notification of refund or a new tracking code.

There is no need to contact us about your return unless you notice it has been delivered for over 48 hours (mon-fri) but you have not received any kind of refund or shipping notice via email.