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F150 LEDs

2010-14 F150 RAPTOR LED Interior Ambient Light Kit w/ wireless Intensity Controller & Center Console Light

White (standard)

Our custom premium 2015-18 F150 LED interior ambient light kits are custom designed for your 2015-18 F-150. Featuring brilliant light with 40 colors to choose from, intensity controls, and pre set options! Plus, our kit features console lighting! There are thousands of combinations that you can set to your preference!  Our kits are built to a  very high standard, each wire bearing our laser engraved logo as a testament to the detail we put into building each kit.  Your ambient kit will arrive to you completely assembled and ready to quickly install into your vehicle. Everything that is needed for an easy install is included and will only take approx 15-30 minutes! Our Ambient kit will install on your F150 easily regardless of what trim package you may have.

*If you do not have a center console, the 5th zone lighting is used for under the front center seat.

The wireless remote allows you to change colors on the fly to match your light rings, interior trim, driving style or your mood! The plethora of color choices makes sure you never get bored. The 5 zone system includes light for the driver and passenger footwells, the left and right rear passengers and a light unit for the center console.  Now you can see what is in that massive center console!

Upgrade your 2015 F150's interior today and improve your F150 experience! In minutes you will have brighter and more beautiful interior! We highly recommend this for every 2015 and up F150!

F150LEDs.com is proud to provide 2015 + f150 owners with our custom LED Ambient kits with 40 colors and thousands of combinations with a quick and easy install!

  • 5-zone LED system including console lighting! (or under center seat lighting)
  • Wireless remote control to change colors, intensity and patterns
  • 40 primary color options 
  • Hundreds of color variations and customizable settings 
  • Auto on & off 
  • The best and brightest LED bulb design
  • Very fast and easy to install with no splicing needed!
  • 40 color, 5-zone lighting system
  • automatic on/off lighting
  • wireless remote with thousands of color/light/intensity combinations
  • complete harness system pre-assembled & ready for install with no splicing needed
  • 2015+ f150 fuse connector to make things easy for power connection 
  • wiring guide for your model year
  • prep wipes, zip ties & everything needed for your install

Each and every product we offer includes our Full 1-year warranty!

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