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F150 LEDs

2004-08 F150LEDs Tri-Fitter LED Rocker Switch Panel

Have instant control over your LED light units with the F150LEDs.com rocker switch panel kit. Easily add it to any model year F150 with a variety of mounting locations. Each kit includes three harness adapters/extenders to make using your new or existing harnesses a breeze. 

  • -Upfitter plate & switches

    -Pre-wired backplate connections

    -(3) harness adapters/extension units

    -Mounting screw kit

    -F150LEDs Window Decal

Use the provided cutout template to mark an area on your dash. After making an opening for the tri-fitter switch it easily mounts using  screws. Then use the F150LEDs custom harness connectors to connect up to three LED bar harness. Connect the red and black wires from your first harness to the red and black of the tri fitter switch. Then you only need the single additional wire from the LED bar harness to go directly to the switch you would like to use on the Tri-fitter panel.

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