2004-14 F150 LED Mirror Puddle Light Kit

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Our Premium F150 LED Mirror Puddle Lamp light kits are custom designed for your F-150. With our intense powerful LED lights, you'll have more light when getting in and out of your F150. The strong light looks great against your F150 body and adds some nice accent lighting when activated! Installation is a breeze at only about 10-15 minutes per side and no drilling required!

  • Extremely Bright White light
  • Rated for increased range of weather & temperatures
  • Firm fitment for F150 mirrors
  • F150 Puddle LEDs include everything necessary for installation
  • strong and long lasting
  • provides light for entry into and out of your f150

Special MKII Features
-Heat sink rear rib venting
-On board resistors
-A dense LED pack
-Over 2x brighter than MKI generation
-The brightest and best bulb avaialble

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Whats Included:

  • Driver + Passenger Side Mirror LED Kit's
  • Silicone Sealant
  • F150LEDs Window Decal
An outstanding light kit. Thanks F150LEDs!
— Paul Walker, Louisiana

We are proud to offer you our F150 LED Puddle Lights! They are an economical and quick way to improve the outside appearance of your F150 as well as add visibility to entry and exit.  Lights are activated with your key or the opening of a door. Thank you for supporting F150LEDs.com, the place for all F150 LED needs. We hope that you will be as happy with our F150 LED Puddle Lights as we are!