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May 06, 2017

We have been serving our fellow F150 owners for years by providing the highest quality LED equipment matched with the best dedicated support group. Frequently, the question of 'what makes you better' arises and we welcome the question.

Not all LEDs are created equally.

While buying a cheap LED light from a  low quality factory from China via ebay, amazon etc. may still qualify as an LED 'upgrade' for your F150,  your experience will still be greatly diminished. The great lengths that some providers go to cut cost have clear disadvantages to how the LEDs perform for your F150. Sometimes the old adage of "you get what you pay for" is true and while we try to keep our pricing extremely competitive, we are unwilling to sacrifice quality in any way or for any of our components like

  • LED components, sizing,  & chip arrangement
  • PCB design  & arrangement
  • On board resistance elements
  • Heat dissipation channels
  • Color purity output

. This ensures  or final product for our lights.