2004-2008 Rear Dual Switch Dome LED Light Kit

Brightest & longest lasting F150 LED Lights! Built by & for F150 Owners! F150LEDs.com is proud to provide f150 owners with the highest quality F150 LEDs available!

2004-08 F150 Rear Dual Switch Dome LED  Light Kit

MKII rear dual switch LED dome kit (3 bulb system)

MKII rear dual switch LED dome kit (3 bulb system)

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Our Premium F150 LED map light kits are a great fit and excellent upgrade for your F-150. With our intense powerful LED lights, you can replace the unsightly yellow light with a brighter and better looking diamond white LED light. It is amazing what such a small piece of accent lighting can do to help refresh the look of your F150 interior. Installation is a breeze at only about 5-10 minutes total and no drilling required!

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Whats Included:

  • Everything needed to convert or replace your rear dome light
  • This kit is for dome lights with two separate switches (consisting of three light bulbs)
  • F150LEDs Window Decal
MKI rear dual switch dome kit

MKI rear dual switch dome kit

An outstanding light kit. Thanks F150LEDs!
— Paul Walker, Louisiana